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TO THOSE WHO CARE, I MOVED TO [info]hanaratsu_erika = v = )/

Umineko Fanart request IX - Kanon & Batler

HAHHAAHHHAHAHAahahahahhahahaha............................ sorry....

I'm back! Yaaay! Ahem.. I was away for so long, and I left so many fanart requests to do >3<   Gomen ne =__= 

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Anyways, I'm still in college so I'm still a bit busy... but I have time for these fanarts, coz they're easy to make :3

Just a Post

OKAYYYY!!!! Quick update!!

Bla bla bla 8DCollapse )KEY MASH MEME!!!!! 8D wow... first meme... xD

Do the Key Mash!Collapse )NOW YOU DO IT! >D 


vlzdkjfvn.zjkbv-zlkfnvbjbvjkndsv ljnzd.,dmfnv z.jdknfvzjdbfvlksjznbgvoiaruygaiwbfalwçjfv BAD LUUUUUUCK!!!!!!!!!!!! UUUU~~!!

OMFG! I HATE CARS! @___@Collapse )

jkcgnieucmgolexciergcliehcglehhloiawçepofhcnalwelmc *key mash* I'M GOING TO DRAW BL AGAIN O___O 
So, be ready 8D



Just defeated lazyness and I came back to work! 8D


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I came to find out that I can't write very fast 'cause it eat's letters -.-
it hpen soth le tis (it happens something like this)


Umineko Fanart request VI - Jessica

"We need to believe...
 We need to believe even harder..."

Surprise surprise! 8DCollapse )


Umineko Fanart request V - Ange

Damn laptop >< gawd there was nothing working fine D8  fixed now though XD
Reseting your pc is always fun =____= not to mention you have to install every single program again -_-

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Next is Jessica :D


Umineko Fanart request IV - Virgilia

I'm loving this  XD I'm getting more used to SAI and I just can't stop drawing >3<

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Next is Ange C:


Umineko Fanart request III - Lambda

This is fanart request number 3 C:

This was requested by kikira_chan 

I changed her clothes as usual XD but that doesn't mean I don't draw them with their original clothes... I just do that by default XD if you want me to do your requests with their normal clothes just tell me C:

Umineko Fanart request II - Beatrice

This was requested by ovo_kinder C:

I can't seem to update the post on the community, so i'll post the requests on my journal and give the link to whom requested it >3< sorry D8

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I changed her hair pin and her clother 8D I like changing things XD